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I’m Grant …I designed Purpose Page for Advisors who want to stay relevant in a smartphone world.

Purpose Page is NOT for every advisor.

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Maximize your relevance in perpetuity by marketing your unique advisor brand on the smartphones of your ideal audience. It’s time to become an icon. It’s time to design your Purpose Page.

This is NOT for ALL advisors. Although all advisors should develop their unique brand at Purpose Page is for select advisors. 

Getting ready to break away?

Independent already?

Is your website a cost-center rather than a revenue generator?

Are you gathering metrics for your marketing experts who designed your website or metrics to grow your biz?

Do you have a unique brand?

Do you want to design a unique brand?

Do you want to stay relevant in perpetuity?

Are you ready to become an icon?

Your website must differentiate you from all other advisors… Your Purpose Page will most assuredly accomplish that. But your website must also function to grow your brand in perpetuity.

No other website design can promise you both differentiation and brand growth for sustainable relevance.

Traditional websites are not designed to grow your relevance in perpetuity. Secure your future with your very own Purpose Page

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