Inbound, outbound, Email, texting, social, video, chat bot… the list grows

Digital marketing is confusing… remember the days when brokers could get away with an 8% rip based on fear and lack of transparency? That’s exactly what the digital marketers are doing to advisors today… payback is a bit… or is it a byte?

The antiquated tactics proliferated by the marketing gurus of the digital age are often times a second time around for sales gurus using the same shitty tactics to sell…based on fear and a lack of transparency. If you let these assholes cast too broad of a net for your services it could sink your ship.

SEO is the number one unknown… other marketing bullshit is abound… you can’t afford not to listen but you can’t afford any mistakes… it’s digital Armageddon for advisors with no noise filters.

In the digital age of transparency you can not afford to risk your reputation on marketing gimmicks that make you appear as though you are the same as your perceived peers or all things to all people. Think about it… if they are gathering metrics that substantiate their value before yours… what does that tell you?

You need to gather the metrics that matter to you and to your clients… If marketing vendors can prove tangibly that their magical metrics of relevance are in complete alignment with yours… and your clients’… then you may proceed with caution.

These marketing gurus are still playing the numbers game only afforded to those who have opacity on their side… that is not a cross you need to bear anymore. Leverage transparency to develop trusted partnerships across the board… this includes clients, advisor partners, spheres of influence, managers, and any outsourced marketing vendor gurus.

Own your alpha, make it tangible… exude the magnitude of your value 24/7. #TangibleAlpha