Rich Franchella

Sample Purpose Page

My purpose is to help advisors maximize their relevance so they can become trusted stewards of wealth.


R. Franchella

How Can We Leverage Technology?

Artificial Intelligence can be your virtual partner. 

Price Becomes an Issue… Only in the Absence of Value

I work with advisors to help them increase their value, so they stay relevant for as long as they wish. 

My Experiences Have Made Me Who I Am Today

I am grateful for each and every trusted partner I have ever had.

High-Tech Meets High-Touch

We all do better when we work with a shared sense of purpose.

Resources for Advisors

The top 12 traits of my trusted advisor partners.

Are we on the same page?

What are the things that differentiate you? Why are you a trusted source of wisdom? Do your clients and prospects know?

There is nothing I enjoy more than talking shop with serious advisors.

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How much for a site like this?

The total investment for Rich was $3400

Four Pages Total

He received the $600 Branding Discount by designing his own brand with the Tangible Alpha Branding Progression.