A Website that’s

Tangibly different.

A Website that’s

Tangibly different.

Your unique Purpose Page is designed to grow your brand in perpetuity.

For those advisors who don’t have a brand yet, there is nothing to fear.

Your Advisor Brand will be designed along with your Purpose Page.

Your unique brand will empower you to be an omnipresent source of trusted wisdom.

Purpose Page


Keep It Simple

Stay Connected

Grow Your Brand


A Single Page Website

Designed to Help the Modern Financial Professional

Grow their Personal Brand



Are you getting ready to go Independent?

Get Your Domain… get your page… get your business growing. 

Secure Quick Discreet Efficient Bespoke


Is Your Current Website…

A Cost-Center


A Revenue Generator?


Your Purpose Page is a Single-Page website that does 3 things.

Reminds clients of your value 24/7.

Empowers prospects to self-qualify.

Enables you to gather critical feedback.

These are the key drivers in the design of your website that get and keep ideal clients.


The Independent Advisor’s Alternative to Expensive Outdated Websites



It’s time to move beyond the traditional website…

If you are an independent financial advisor, chances are, you already have a website… and chances are, it’s dragging you down.

The hub of your digital omnipresence has to look great on the smartphones of your audience. 

These are the digital elements you need to thrive in a smartphone world. 

Simple. Functional. Omnipresent. Relevant. Efficient.

Create a link to your Podcast…Your blog can be LinkedIn… If you are on Twitter, that’s your micro-blog… Share your link to Instagram…  Connect your audience to your YouTube or Vimeo channel… and, of course, Secure Links to Client Accounts.

Make your website simple…never overwhelm or confuse your clients with a poor user experience again. 

The medium is the message and your value must appear in the medium-of-choice for your ideal clients. That means you need to be on multiple channels… but all of those channels need to make sense and work together… and they have to make sense on the screen of your audience’s smartphones. It starts with your Purpose Page



Purpose Page Templates are Responsive 

That means they look great on ALL devices! But we know your clients and prospects are craving an awesome user experience from their smartphones. As they go from YouTube, to Facebook, to Netflix, to Hulu, to Amazon, to Twitter, to LinkedIn, to your Purpose Page! The experience must be seamless and it must remind your clients of your value. 24/7

The confidential, cost-effective alternative to costly outdated standard websites.

Includes Secure Hosting through GoDaddy ®, SSL Certificate, Links to Client Account Sites, Links to Your Social Media Accounts, Updates and additional CliqPages*

What is your Designed Process to stay Relevant?


Is your current website affording you these benefits?

Reminding clients of your value 24/7.

Empowering prospects to self qualify.

Enabling you to gather critical feedback.

A seamless multi-channel user experience.

Is your website empowering you to be an icon on your clients’ smartphones?

Is your website a cost-center or a revenue generator? 

Your unique Purpose Page is designed to grow your brand in perpetuity.

For those advisors who don’t have a brand yet, there is nothing to fear.

The Design of your unique Advisor Brand is included with your investment in your Purpose Page.


Keep It Simple. Stay Connected. Grow Your Brand.