One of the top genuine concerns of is advisors who don’t exude their value 24/7. In order to exude value, advisors must be able to comprehend the magnitude of their value. The inability to make this connection will be the difference between sustainable growth and certain extinction in the next two years.

How can you begin to comprehend the magnitude of your authentic value?

Step away from the black box comparison.

You are more than portfolio alpha that exists in a black box… your value can be found in the three pillars of advisor value. The fundamental starting point for creating value by design. The 3 C’s of value empower you to simplify your thought process and discover more about your advisor value in great detail. The key concept here is that you must always expand your advisor value in the 3 core categories of competency character and commitment.

Give definition to your advisor alpha.

Your advisor alpha is wrought from the 3 C’s. There are 12 critical components of the 3 C’s that require definition by you to expand your value consistently 24/7. When you define you advisor value it becomes your alpha. The areas of your value over which you have the most control. The 12 critical components can only be found here. Giving definition to the elements of your business that you control allows you to set and maintain client expectation (among other benefits).

Build on purpose.

The magnitude of your value revolves around your client-centered purpose. Discovering, designing and delivering your authentic relevant value is the only way to ensure sustainability in the digital age of transparency… you must own a shared purpose… You can do it. It’s not hard. Your shared purpose puts you squarely on the same side of the table as your ideal audience. This allows you to exude your value 24/7 to remind clients why they pay you as well as publishing to the world why you should be trusted. This model demonstrates how starting with a client-centered purpose is imperative in the digital age. 

Create a culture of integrity.

Discovering the magnitude of your value often times puts your cart before your horse. We don’t want that. In order to ensure your sustainable growth you must be able to scale your culture to stay committed to organic growth while servicing your current trusted clients. Your value must be definable detectable and it must reach an audience who desires your value 24/7… It also must be repeatable. The same model above encapsulates the progression of integrity that you must define for your business. You can’t cut and paste another advisor’s model and expect success. That model would be full of holes. You must own your own system for success.  When you discover and define you Tangible Alpha you will begin to understand in more detail the magnitude of what you have to offer clients. There is no crisis of differentiation when you own your alpha and make it tangible.

Predictable recurring revenue. Sustainable growth by design.

Whether you wish to grow organically or by acquisition you must have a scalable culture of integrity. You must understand the magnitude of your value to get and keep ideal trusted clients. Getting and keeping ideal clients requires you to exude trust and value 24/7. Owning the perception of your advisor value will help ensure your relevance for years to come making the value you create for your clients tangible will ensure your place in the minds and hearts of your ideal clients forever.

What Why How

This post isn’t just about why you need to discover the magnitude of your value… it’s about what you have to actively accomplish to discover your authentic value and how to do it. This article is indicative of the solutions found at don’t ever become satisfied with knowing what must be done. You must demand that your trusted resources demonstrate why you need to and how it can be done. If you don’t start to make this distinction a part of your routine you will become washed away in the digital noise of the interwebz… seriously, we may never hear from you again.

Don’t get washed away… discover more about the magnitude of your advisor value… join us at your clients will thank you for it.